Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gang Gang Dance -
Saint Dymphna


Release Date: Oct.21, 2008 (The Social Registry)
Who: Lizzi Bougatsos,
Brian Degraw, Tim Dewit and Josh Diamond
Where: New York, NY

Gang Gang Dance - "House Jam" - mp3
Gang Gang Dance's (GGD) newest album takes its name from the patron saint of outsiders, taboo subject matter and general disorder* -- OK, that's interesting enough even before spinning the record. Classified by some as "neo-tribal," GGD's combination of rustic rhythms, chants, drones and electronic beats does produce a feeling of musical Africanism -- more specifically, techno Africanism (coin that term.)

Saint Dymphna seamlessly transitions from song-to-song making the album a no-hassle dance party CD or the perfect set-it-and-forget-it background music.

GGD have done well to harness the popularity of their previous LP God's Money, tweaking and tightening their sound to better suit the more pop-centric needs of today's listening audience. That alone makes Saint Dymphna more accessible; they don't stray far from the well-established exoticisms inherent in their music -- it's now just more refined.

Album highlights include "Blue Nile" equipped with chest-vibrating-bass-thumps and ominous choral and guitar drones. "Princes" uses MIDI-like synth riffs to drive the Sean John-style vocals that seem to creep out of nowhere. Other tracks to check out: seemingly Daft Punk-inspired "Holy Communication" and 70s pop-influenced "House Jam."

You never really know what you're going to get next with this album and that's its major selling point.

* The Social Registry

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