Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David Byrne Live from Bethlehem, PA - Set List

All in all a fantastic evening with David Byrne... much more to come from the show tomorrow, but we wanted to leave you with the set list from this, the first night of the "David Byrne Plays the Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno" tour. The set came complete with classically trained dancers, back-up singers and a full band decked out in white. Well, the man's still got it.
Stream the album below and set list below that...

David Byrne @ Zoellner Center (Lehigh University) Bethlehem, PA Set List - 9/16/2008

1. *Strange Overtones
2. I Zimbra
3. *One Fine Day
4. Help Me Somebody
5. Houses in Motion
6. *My Big Nurse
7. My Big Hands (Fall Through the Cracks)
8. Heaven
9. *Home
10. *The River
11. Crosseyed & Painless
12. *Life is Long
13. Once in a Lifetime
14. Life During Wartime
15. *I Feel My Stuff
16. Take Me to the River
17. The Great Curve
18. *Everything that Happens Will Happen Today

*Denotes tune from new album, Everything that Happens Will Happen Today


Anonymous said...

Set list corrections

6. My Big Nurse
10. The River
12. Life Is Long

Anonymous said...

Houses in Motion was an amazing culmination of music, dance and choreography. It brought the crowd jumping to their feet as the song ended with a unique combination of visual and sonic punctuation. Possibly the best tune played. Of course the full moon had its added synergistic effect.

StarkNY said...

Thanks for the corrections - amendments made...

Unknown said...

thanks a million for the playlist. makes me salivate for tonight's Baltimore show, that i've been looking forward to like a madman. looks rich rich rich!!!

Anonymous said...

I was at the Baltimore show last night (which was amazing BTW) and looks like he played the same setlist. Life During Wartime was so good!