Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ben Folds, Awesome Video, Great Job!

BEN FOLDS "You Don't Know Me"

Benjamin Folds, ever the goofball, has unveiled his new video for "You Don't Know Me" today via Myspace. With a little help from Tim and Eric (as in, Awesome Show, Great Job!), Folds waxes quirky the entire time. Do you like awkward pauses? Weird faces? Men in drag? Josh Groban? Then this is your video! Clip is seriously wack, but in a good way. The song's definitely growing on me, but I wish Regina Spektor would've been utilized more. And you'd be right in wondering where the hell she is in the video; it took me a replay to find her. Check out the video after the jump, and check out Way To Normal in stores 9/30.

You Dont Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor)

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