Friday, August 15, 2008

Repost - Death Vessel - New Album - mp3

Death Vessel - "Bruno's Torso" - mp3
Hey folks - sorry this got accidentally erased yesterday - so here it is again!
We've been waiting on this one for a bit, and today we finally found new music from Death Vessel in our inbox. We're still digesting the full record, but we wanted to share a track with you along with the cover art and track list. So far, the new record Nothing is Precious Enough for Us is still as captivating and mysterious as their debut record Stay Close. From pastoral banjo-laden folk to darker brooding solo ruminations, singer Joel Thibodeau still mesmerizes with his unique falsetto and compelling songwriting and arranging. Enjoy - I know we will. Nothing is Precious Enough for Us comes out 8/19 on Sub Pop. Cover art and track listing after the jump.

1. Block My Eye
2. Jitterakadie
3. The Widening
4. Bruno's Torso
5. Obadiah in Oblivion
6. Exploded View
7. Fences Around Field
8. Peninsula
9. Circa
10. Belt of Foam

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