Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Avett Brothers Go Major

The Avett Brothers, everyone's favorite bluegrass punks, have ditched their long-time home, Ramseur Records, in favor of greener pastures (read: makin' dem duckets) In a surprising move, the North Carolina act has signed to American Recordings/Columbia. A letter to fans via their Web site also reveals that the Avett boys are recording their next full length with none other than this man:

Rick Rubin.

The choice is appropriate in the sense that Rubin is the big kahuna at Columbia, but I hope their music doesn't suffer because of it. Look, the dude's a legend, and he's done some brilliant things (revitalize Johnny Cash, help bring the world hip hop) but he also has a knack for sometimes ruining records (here's looking at you, Weezer.) Let's hope this all works out, because The Avetts' raw Emotionalism was in my top five of last year, and the follow-up is on my shortlist for most anticipated. I'm trusting you, Rick. Leave the banjos be, and please, no breakbeats.

Meanwhile, the band's new EP, The Second Gleam, will be their last release for Ramseur and is in stores July 22.

-Andrew Daniels

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Anonymous said...

ruining careers? I am not going to say he has a flawless history (though am inclined to), but you are pointing to maybe the one example where rick rubin's influence does not come through. Neither Make Believe nor the Red album have rick rubin's production all over them, so I don't think it is his fault if you don't like those albums...unless it is his fault for not making them his own, which I may agree with. that is what disappointed me when I bought those albums. I was very curious to see what he did with weezer, and he didn't do much. anyone could have produced those.

listen to Reign in Blood, Sutras, Toxicity, License to Ill, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, the American Recordings and on and on and on and you can hear Rick Rubin loud and clear. Throw on the 2 newest weezer discs and it is not consistent with the others. not sure why.