Monday, June 30, 2008

New Roadside Graves - "Ruby"

The Roadside Graves - "Ruby" mp3
The Roadside Graves are one of the best out of the new crop of "indie" folk/rock bands out there right now. When compared to similar groups such as the Felice Brothers, Cave Singers, and the Avett Brothers, the Roadside Graves songs always win out. Yet, I have to say that when Vince, Tara and I caught them at Trash Bar in Brooklyn last year - they proved one of the most perplexing live acts I've seen in awhile. Hailing from New Jersey, this group is a conglomeration of friends that could not look more disparate. From the 40 something looking bass player, to the 16 something looking keyboardist, they really didn't seem to make sense together. Yet, somehow they produce a fantastically cohesive AM radio sound that centers around the crackly country warble of a lead vocal. For all their odd quirks live, we still love them, and are glad to hear a new track. Thanks to Stereogum for posting this, this morning.

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