Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lau Nau - Nuuku

I seem to be quickly amassing a collection of excellent female "folk" singers from Scandinavia. The most recent addition is Finnish artist Lau Nauaka, aka Laura Naukkarinen. I got this track last week in my Other Music weekly update, and have since checked out the whole record Nuuku released 5/13. This is Lau Nau's follow up to her critically acclaimed debut record Kuutarha. She made the perfect video for this song. It basically sums up all the reasons I like this stuff - snow, woods, winter...
If you like this - be sure to check out Olof Arnalds, whose great record Vid Og Vid came out last year. Lau Nau's video is after the jump.
Lau Nau "Painovoimaa Valoa" mp3


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Anonymous said...

they all sound the same, good, never amazing. thx for the track