Monday, May 19, 2008

Caitlin Rose - "Meet in Three"

So to commemorate Vince's relocation to Nashville, I decided to post (again) on Stark favorite and Nashville local Catlin Rose. I am straight stealing this post from the Nashville Cream, which is the blog of local publication and employer of Vince - The Nashville Scene. (Also take note of their post on our gracious bocce host Janet Timmons, who runs the blog Out the Other.)

I had a chance to hang with Caitlin Rose a few weeks back and this short video does a pretty good job of capturing the experience. Seriously, it's only a matter of time before people start hearing about her "Cosmic American Music" in the North. Enjoy the vid and her version of the Stones classic "Dead Flowers" played Townes Van Zandt style. Her EP Dead Flowers is out now, and she will be playing the 5 spot in Nashville on the 22nd.

Caitlin Rose - "Dead Flowers" mp3

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Anonymous said...

She is awesome! And hilarious.