Friday, April 18, 2008

Do You Get (Or Understand) Evil Urges?

My Morning Jacket has a new album coming out soon, and I'll bet this blog and a half that it'll be polarizing. Whereas Z was ambitious and adventurous, it was still a natural progression from It Still Moves.

This? I can't tell.

MMJ is giving away the title track to Evil Urges, due June 17 via ATO, for free on their Web site. And it's blowing my mind. Jim James dons his best Barry Gibb impression and sings the whole song in falsetto. Then the rest of the band launches into an impromptu jam that wouldn't feel out of place at a Dave Matthews Band show in Central Park.

On first listen, I was perplexed. Put off. Now, I'm transfixed. There's something oddly endearing and majestic about it. Love it or hate it, no one in the world really sounds like My Morning Jacket. It's a good thing.

-Andrew Daniels

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