Friday, January 11, 2008

Who To Watch For In 2008


Take LCD Soundsystem, add Arcade Fire, the Muscles and perhaps some Justice (but more alternative) and you come close to revealing MGMT's music. Recently on David Letterman, MGMT are starting to create a hipster stir. The alternative drive of electric guitars, coupled with deep bass beats, makes MGMT an alternative, indie- dance synthesis. Brooklyn based and now signed with *Columbia Records, MGMT has created a niche in "Oracular Spectacular," the band's first LP, recently released in January 2008. Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser combine to create harmonious lyrical satire. said the album is, " thick with sarcasm: Before the first chorus, MGMT sing nostalgically about having models for wives, moving to Paris, and shooting heroin." The first track titled, "Time to Pretend," boasts lyrics such as "The models will have children, we'll get a divorce/ we'll find some more models, everything must run its course...We were fated to pretend."

* Thanks to Warren Peace for the corrections.

The Ting Tings- (

Has Feist gone to the U.K. and created a slightly punk, alternative, beat-backed indie album? No, it is just The Ting Tings doing their thing. Noting influences such as, the Talking Heads, Blondie, Bjork and Beck, The Ting Tings have the potential to create an interesting album. From listening to the sample tracks on their myspace page, The Ting Tings found a way to create a U.K. pop album that draws on American rock styles with a No Doubt punk sound. Let's see what they do in 2008.

Grantura- (

There is not much to go on with these guys except they are from London. The newly released single, "Waves" recalls memories of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, with such modern highlights as The Avett Brothers, Elliot Smith, and Christopher Denny. The music is, at times, a bit too "poppy," but one can tell they have it in them to produce an interesting roosty-americana themed album. The instrumental work recalls early The Band, with Levon Helm- handed mandolin riffs accompanied by layered acoustic guitars and provocative harmonies.

Laura Marling- (

The music of Laura Marling brings forth a power that is inherent in her vocal talents, making her music both moving and lucid. Marling's song writing involves the traditional romanticisms of love and loss, but what makes her music so interestingly encapsulating, is that her lyrics do not seemed forced. Why is that so interesting, well maybe because she is only 17-years-old. Displaying musical maturity well beyond her years, one can only imagine what her music will become. Comparisons can be made to Lily Allen, Feist, and Rilo Kiley, but Marling has a bit more folk tradition in her music style. Citing influences such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Marling's music is well educated and can only become better with time. Marling has recently been releasing EP's and singles, but hopefully 2008 will produce a full-length release.

~Vincent Amoroso


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Anonymous said...

You're a little confused regarding MGMT. Oracular Spectacular doesn't even hit the stores until Jan. 22nd, and it's on Columbia Records, not Cantora. Cantora, a small indie label, released MGMT's 2005 EP, "Time to Pretend." That song is also on the Columbia record.