Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Welcome Wagon

the Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto's Top 10 Albums of 2008

    * All Good Things Come From The Desert, Christopher Miner
    * Complete James Jordan Collection, James Jordan
    * Hunky Dory, David Bowie
    * Johnny Cash Reads The Complete New Testament, Johnny Cash
    * Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line: The RCA Years, Waylon Jennings
    * The Slack Album, dj n-wee (Jay-Z vs. Pavement
    * The World Won't Listen, The Smiths
    * This Land Is Your Land: The Asch Recordings Vol. 1, Woody Guthrie
    * Thomas Tallis: The Complete Works - Volume 6, Alistair Dixon & Chapelle du Roi
    * You Are My Little Bird, Elizabeth Mitchell

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