Sunday, December 16, 2007

Steve Deutsch

Steve Deutsch (Owner, Spacebar Recordings)

Top 10 Albums of 2008

Steve has been working on records professionally for 35 years: as a sideman on records by Rocky Burnette, Milli Vanilli, to an engineer/programmer for producers like Don Was (Ofra Haza, Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones and Elton John), Ron Fair (Sting, Mya, Lisa Loeb), Phil Ramone (Chicago, Ray Charles, Rod Stewart) and Van Dyke Parks (Orange Crate Art, Live at the Ash Grove and Tokyo Rose).

1- T-Bone Burnett  TOOTH OF CRIME  brilliant songs, performances, vocals and overall ambience.  Jim Keltner on drums still amazes me, the best grooves of the year by far.

2- Juana Molina       another fascinating writer who explores more unheard- of textures in her layerings of voices and instruments.

3- Victor Wooten  PALMYSTERY      certainly one of the most amazing musicians today, he has created a wide-ranging collection of lovely and funky songs.

4- Britney Spears  CIRCUS    wicked hooks, very expensive sounding.  From a technical standpoint, fantastic futuristic programming.  Great vocal production.  Inspirational creativity.

5- Santogold  S/T   the first cd on my list that is seemingly totally unoriginal, one song sounds like Tegan and Sara, the next is Gwen, but I think she's cool and I like those artists.

6- TV On The Radio  DEAR SCIENCE   great underground energy and songs.  One of Graham Lindsey's faves, a quality I respect.  Even though they're now everyone's faves, they deserve their ranking.

7- Oasis  DIG OUT YOUR SOUL  I think the album unfolds flawlessly for the first 2/3 which is quite an accomplishment.  If we didn't know these guys so well, it could have been album of the year.

8- Sharleen Spiteri  MELODY     my choice of best retro style current album this year.  She seems less encumbered with drinking, drug, or weight issues.  Cool Bacharach-like vibe.

9- Moris Tepper  STINGRAY TO THE HEART   continues to find irresistible grooves and structures that are uniquely his.  Fantastic diversity.  A unique musician.

10- Kings of Leon  ONLY BY THE NIGHT   I'm impressed with how they wrote these songs for their newfound superstardom.  SEX ON FIRE is probably song of the year for me.


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