Sunday, December 16, 2007

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Phil Dickey (Drums/Vocals/Guitar)

Favorite Local Records (Springfield, MO)
1. Cindy Woolf- Before Daylight
2. Washington Irving- Howard Zinn Arcade
3. Sweetwater Abilene- Live from the Darkly Mansion
4. The Rugs- Vacuum
5. Eric Weiler Band- self-titled

Favorite National Releases
1. Apart of Someone- Our Cat Philip
2. Vampire Weekend 
3. You Don't Speak for the Club- Drew Danburry
4. All We Could Do Was Sing- Port O'Brien
5. The Mommyheads- You're Not a Dream
6. Catfish Haven- Devastator

Favorite Songs
1. Greatest Man Who Ever Lived- Weezer
2. Time Is Just a Healer- Our Cat Philip
3. Set in Stone- Catfish Haven 
4. I'm Pretty Sure- Drew Danburry
5. Troublemaker- Weezer
6. Loco- Annie
7. Mansford Roof- Vampire Weekend
8. Cherry Tulips- Headlights
9. Blurry- Cindy Woolf
10. I Woke Up Today- Port O'Brien

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