Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Midway State

Pianist/Singer Nathan Ferraro's Top 10 Albums of 2008

1- MGMT - Oracular Spectacular 

I understood where the band was coming from the first time I heard the songs, playing and hanging with these guys during the summer festival season gave me a greater insight into  
their passion for their sound. I think MGMT is an important band for all of us.

2- THE KILLERS - Day and Age

The Killers are probably my favorite modern band.

3- CRYSTAL CASTLES - Crystal Castles


4- CAT POWER - Dark End of the Street 

I've been a huge fan of Cat Power for the last 4 years, I look up to her as a songwriter in so  
many ways.

5- WEEZER - Red Album 

While they always sound just like Weezer and I'm always secretly hoping to hear something different, I do love this band  for that at the same time. Also, the song "Troublemaker" is a classic.

6- NEYO - Year of the Gentleman 

While a lot of people might not recognize it, Neyo is one of the most influential and important  
songwriters and producers of the last few years, he has a number of  incredible songs on this record. I've listened a lot.

7- KINGS OF LEON - Only By the Night 

No comment.

8- KANYE WEST - 808's and Heartbreak 

While I prefer Graduation, I think Kanye's production on this record has (sonically) honestly  
broken some new ground in the mainstream music world, as a musician  that's VERY exciting.

9- RADIOHEAD - The Best Of Radiohead

No comment.

10- NEIL YOUNG - Sugar Mountain, Live at Canterbury House 

I'll be listening to this record throughout Christmas at home as the  soundtrack, and in my car, for the next month or so. I love it. I makes me feel like I was there, kind of.

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