Monday, December 3, 2007

The Boxing Lesson

The Boxing Lesson's Random Top 10 of 2008
(In no particular order)

1. The Whigs - Both the band and their latest release Mission Control are super freakin awesome. We would have The Whigs over to meet our moms. We play Mission Control for anyone who will listen.

2. The Zoo - Yes, the actual zoo. If you can't say when you went last, it's time to go again. Pretend you are 12. Or at least just act like it. If you happen to trip a little kid at the stingray exhibit because you are soooo excited that you (yes, you) get to feed them, then you know that you are on your way to total accomplishment.

3. Apollo Sunshine - They will melt your face, and your heart. If you get a chance, ask them about fueling your vehicle on vegetable oil or anything analog delay related. Then clear your schedule.

4. Gliss - Marty, Victoria and David. Besides being dashingly good looking - the lot of them - they make the music you want to fuck to.

5. The Loyalty Firm - This is the guy you want in your corner. You do NOT want to be the "...and in THIS corner" person. No, no you don't.

6. A Place to Bury Strangers - You will need earplugs and a working knowledge of the songs so you can see how amazing it is that they never play the same song the same way.

7. Heartless Bastards - Erika, we love you. We are so glad you moved to Austin.

8. Tofurkey - Does something HAVE to die in order for you to live? No. It doesn't.

9. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - This show has the singular ability to make even the wretchedest of people feel good about themselves. YAY! Seinfeld for druggies!

10. Original 1968 Planet of the Apes - "You're not as smart as Lt. Stewart, but you're the only girl in town."

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